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game design team

team leader
alex dale
philadelphia, pa
alex is a junior majoring in computer science at clemson university. he is the leader for the ludos game design team, where he is in charge of planning, coding and game design. alex enjoys reading and hiking in his spare time, and aspires to be an entrepreneur upon graduating.


technical writer
chance cribb
clover, sc
chance is a sophomore at clemson university, majoring in mathematical science. he spends his time playing or watching sports, and working on projects for ludos. his duties as a technical writer include the writing of technical documents and aiding with the creation and design of marketing materials.


technical writer
ebony seay
lexington, sc
ebony is our other technical writer for the ludos creative team, and also works on marketing materials and design projects. she is a health science major at clemson university in her junior year, and just recently got accepted into the MUSC nursing program in charleston, sc. in her free time ebony enjoys art, hiking, swimming, movies and tv shows. 


media specialist
miranda rawson
johns island, sc
miranda is a senior at clemson university, where she is majoring in sociology. she is the media specialist for the ludos design team, and is responsible for marketing and graphic design. in her spare time, miranda trains horses, reads, writes, watches social documentaries, and goes hiking with her dogs. after graduating, she hopes to attend graduate school for her m.e. in clinical mental health counseling.


game specialist
elijah david
marietta, ga
elijah is a computer science major at clemson university, and is one of the main contributors to the coding and development of the game. he has been responsible for creating game environments and designing various levels, as well as being in charge of the developmental diary. outside of school and game development, elijah spends time hiking, playing sports and reading. after graduation, he plans on becoming a software engineer. 


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